Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary, Calgary AL

Mobile Hearing Services

Assessment and Treatment Services for Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, and Misophonia From Your Home or Office

Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary is committed to breaking down barriers to hearing healthcare, which is why we offer mobile audiology services! Visits from an Audiologist are tailored to your individual needs, all from the comfort of your own home or office!

Mobile Services Available:

  • Tinnitus and sound tolerance assessments*
  • Tinnitus Activities Retraining Therapy (TART)
  • Family consultations
  • Fittings of tinnitus sound enrichment devices
  • Followup care
  • Repairs
  • Educational outreach

*Please note a quiet room is necessary for mobile testing services. If our sound level meter detects ambient noise exceeding 40dBA, we will make alternate arrangements for you to come to our office.

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In-Home Service Fees

  • Initial Tinnitus & Sound Tolerance Assessment (2 hours) $250
  • Initial Communication Needs Assessment (1.5 hours) $125
  • Subsequent Visits (30 min) $100
  • Travel Fee $60 + $0.54/km mileage

To account for the extra time involved, a Travel Fee plus mileage is assessed in addition to the-in home service requested. Billed in increments of 15 minutes. Based on total return trip between your location and either our Edgemont clinic or the Strathcona Christie Aspen Community Association, whichever is closest to you.

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