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Combat your Tinnitus, Hyperacusis or Misophonia with Therapeutic Sound

What is Sound Enrichment?

Sound Enrichment uses therapeutic sounds to provide relief from tinnitus and/or decreased sound tolerance (hyperacusis and misophonia), such as white noise, soothing tones/music, and nature sounds. This sound therapy, which can be delivered in a variety of devices, are designed to decrease your perception of tinnitus by increasing the level of external sound in your environment. Think of your tinnitus as a candle burning in a dark room. This candle will seem bright until we turn on the rest of the lights in the room. Now, that same candle becomes much less noticeable than when it was dark. That’s why tinnitus is usually more noticeable in a quiet environment and why adding pleasant external sounds makes you less aware of your tinnitus.

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5 Ways Sound Enrichment Can Help Your Tinnitus


Sound enrichment is non-invasive and has no adverse side effects. In accordance with the 2014 Clinical Practice Guideline for Tinnitus established by American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, we may recommend sound therapy if you are suffering from persistent, bothersome tinnitus.


Many tinnitus sufferers often obtain immediate relief, although the goal is not to completely drown out your tinnitus (for some, this may not be possible). Rather, the intent is to set sound therapy devices to a comfortable and unobtrusive level to increase your exposure to safe and pleasant external sounds in order to decrease your awareness of tinnitus.


Sound Enrichment allows you to exert some control over your tinnitus; you have a choice of therapeutic sounds (e.g., white noise, soothing tones/music, environmental sounds), what devices to deliver them (e.g., tabletop machines or ear-worn instruments), and how you can adjust the therapy sounds yourself. Rebuilding control is an important step towards developing productive coping skills and strategies. This means less frustration and anxiety over something which previously you had no choice or control.


By increasing the level of external sounds within safe limits, Sound Enrichment can help you learn to pay less attention to your tinnitus. If it becomes less noticeable, you will be less bothered by it.


Over time, it is possible that continuous sound exposure contributes to reductions in neural activity responsible for tinnitus generation and perception. Altering these brain patterns may result in permanent reductions in tinnitus perception.


Who is Sound Enrichment For?

Are you bothered by your tinnitus or hypersensitivity to sounds? Is it affecting your ability to concentrate during quiet activities and prevent you from falling/staying asleep? Are you tired of being told you just have to live with it?

If you’d like to take control of your symptoms so that they no longer interfere with your quality of life, Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary is here to help. You don’t have to go about it alone.

The Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary Difference

Although sound therapy is an important component of tinnitus treatment, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Many clinics rely on sound therapy devices exclusively without an integrated, multi-modal tinnitus management program. Doing so oversimplifies your concerns and doesn’t address your specific needs. For example, many tinnitus sufferers report difficulty falling asleep at night or difficulties relaxing or concentrating.

At Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary, we believe that the most effective way of reducing the impact of tinnitus needs to include a more holistic approach. A key component of our Tinnitus Toolbox, our Sound Enrichment Program is individualized to reflect your unique health, psychological, and social needs. We adopt a variety of acoustic therapy strategies, including:

Environmental enrichment: helps you sleep and relax using devices such as tabletop sound machines or pillow speakers. Read more about Sound Oasis sound therapy systems.

Tinnitus combination devices: discreet, ear-worn instruments with a built-in tinnitus sound generators that can also be used as a hearing aid (when applicable). The hearing aid component can be deactivated for persons with normal hearing who need tinnitus relief. Although white noise is commonly used for tinnitus relief, many of our clients prefer music or soothing Zen tones, as studies have shown music has added relaxation and stress-relief benefits that white noise does not. However, research shows that there is no tinnitus therapy sound that is more effective than others; that’s why Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary will not only offer you a choice on what therapy sounds will be used, but we take it a step further by customizing them, whenever possible, so they provide you the most relief.

Hearing aids: beneficial for tinnitus sufferers with significant hearing loss. It’s not uncommon for some tinnitus sufferers to blame their tinnitus for communication difficulties that are actually caused by hearing loss. Hearing aids improve speech perception, which relieves frustration and isolation. They also help stimulate the auditory system and and can reduce the neural activity responsible for tinnitus generation and perception.

The Investment

The exact components of your Sound Enrichment Program will be customized according to your exact needs, goals, lifestyle considerations, and budget.

Sound Oasis sound machines/speakers: $32.95-$99.95.

Tinnitus Combination Devices/Hearing Aids: $1,250-$5,190 per set (for devices only). Please note these customized instruments are only one component of a Sound Enrichment Program, which starts at $1,750 in addition to the cost of the devices. Our individualized programs will be personalized according to the level of support that will best ensure your success.

Tinnitus Combination Devices for tinnitus sufferers with normal hearing: $1,750-$1,950/set.

Read more about Widex Zen here.

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