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Spotlight on Tinnitus: an Introduction to Tinnitus Management

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Bonita Chow, Audiologist, Tinnitus Care Provider, and Founder of Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary, is known for thinking outside of the box and she won’t hold back as she pulls back the curtains on the invisible phenomenon of tinnitus. If you are suffering from chronic, bothersome tinnitus, empowering yourself through education removes the fear of the unknown and will help change the way you think and react to your symptoms.

Spotlight on Tinnitus is a 2-hour jam-packed workshop where you will learn to clarify misconceptions, demystify tinnitus, learn about the evidence-based foundation of tinnitus therapy, and most importantly, realize you are not alone and there IS help.

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Who is this workshop for?

Spotlight on Tinnitus is an introduction to tinnitus management for any tinnitus sufferer who is tired of being told they just have to “live with it”. Whether your goal is to get more information, find out about treatment, or to get some guidance on how to get started on taking back control over your tinnitus, you’ve come to the right place.

This workshop is led by a specially-trained audiologist in our on-site classroom at Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary; after attending this introductory session, you can book an individual appointment for additional assessment or treatment.

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5 Things You Will Learn at Spotlight On Tinnitus

#1. Truths and myths about tinnitus

Tinnitus is a misunderstood phenomenon and there is a ton of confusing and mixed messages. Find out from a Tinnitus Care Provider exactly what tinnitus is (and what’s it not), what causes it, and who is affected. Rest assured that you are not going deaf or crazy.

#2. What’s going on in your brain

We hear in our brain, not just in our ears. You will discover what’s going on under the hood when it comes to the auditory system and tinnitus, and how we react to it.

#3. How your brain can be retrained to think and react differently to tinnitus

Habituation is the process of ignoring something without any effort. Find out how it works, how it relates to tinnitus, and what you can do to help.

#4. How to get help for your tinnitus

Just because there is no cure for tinnitus doesn’t mean that nothing can be done. Learn what treatments are available, and what they do.

#5. What’s next

Tinnitus affects each individual differently. Some may come in merely curious, while others concerned and may even be severely distressed. You will receive guidance as to any next steps that apply to you in your tinnitus journey, whatever your goals may be.


Who is behind Spotlight on Tinnitus?

Bonita is a Registered Clinical Audiologist and Founder of Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary. She has worked with thousands of patients as well as other hearing health professionals across Canada to improve quality of life through better hearing health.

Bonita’s approach is a collaborative method, rather than a directive one. She believes that you should be an active participant in deciding how you want your journey to go. Her goal is to empower and educate you to ensure that you have the tools you need to maximize your potential for optimal hearing health and wellness.

Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary is on a mission to…

…make it interactive, informative and engaging to empower and educate tinnitus sufferers and to provide you with strategies to cope better in everyday life! We bring industry-insider knowledge and the experience of thousands of hours of working with thousands of Canadians with auditory disorders to bring to you our uniquely multi-dimensional programs for improving quality of life through better hearing health.

Spotlight on Tinnitus: an Introduction to Tinnitus Management (2 hours): $100

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Limited seats available

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